Blues & Roll Sessions launch
@ 70s Bistro Nov. 29

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blues & Roll Sessions 70s Bistro Nov. 29, 2012
The underground blues scene in the Philippines is thriving of late. Yes, these bands are not yet mainstream, but the talent is definitely at par--if not better.

If you had dropped by the old Backdoor Blues Cafe on one of the gig nights, you know what I'm talking about. And while the restaurant cum bar is closed, its Open Mic Blues Jam previously held every Monday has found refuge at Skarlet's Jazz Kitchen in Timog, QC every other Wednesday. These nights are filled with musicians who celebrate the blues and a burgeoning crowd that take in all the love. Absolutely anyone can take the stage.

Five of the bands that you should lend an ear to will be playing at the first Blues & Roll Sessions gig at 70s Bistro on Nov. 29, 2012. Each band has its distinct sound and usage of the blues, from the mellow and guitar-driven to combinations with jazz and rock.

What a wonderful way to start your 3-day weekend, right?!

Blues & Roll Sessions is a series of blues events that aims to showcase local talent, bring blues music closer to more people, and share the beauty and flexibility of the genre. Visit the Facebook page for more information. While you're at it, hit "Like" to show your support and of course receive updates.

Whether you're a blues aficionado, musical artist or curious music lover, this show will give you a taste of the good sound on a multicolor platter. Sample it without fear.

Tickets are now available at Php 200 each. Contact 0917-5161350 or 0942-4861044.

See you there!


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