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>> Thursday, October 18, 2012

Empanada MÁS
The empanadas have color-coded spots according to flavor.
A couple of months back, Empanada MÁS director and chief operating officer Tanya Tantuico offered me gift certificates so I can try their empanadas and write about my "very own Empanada MÁS experience". According to her e-mail,

Empanada MÁS is a family owned corporation fronted by two sisters who share a passion for good food and great coffee. Empanada MÁS is a quaint food outlet which offers Gourmet Hand-rolled Empanadas made from a generations-old family recipe.  We offer empanadas done the traditional way: homemade, hand-rolled dough and fried golden brown to perfection. We use all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and 100% cholesterol-free vegetable oil for deep frying.
    We prepare our empanadas in the same way that we serve it to our family—freshly cooked everyday, served warm upon order. We aim to offer a better alternative to the usual fast-food offerings for those with discerning taste and who are yearning to find high quality home-made food products served in a fast, efficient way.  Our empanadas are cooked fresh daily in all our outlets, using an electric deep frier and are kept warm in a food warmer.  Each Empanada MÁS branch is equipped with an electric deep-frier and a food warmer to ensure freshness in all our products. 

Empanada MÁS people must've been wondering what the heck ever happened to that 'coz it took me this long to avail of the GCs.

At that time, their nearest store to me was walking distance away. It was still a good distance, though, and out of my way, so I kept on postponing my visit. After a while, I no longer had to be in Makati City every day, which only made my visit more difficult.

As you already know, I'm a QC girl. I only go to Makati when i really really have to. And that's the farthest I go south. On special occasions, I go to Ortigas CBD. On normal days, I keep within my comfort zone.

Meanwhile, Empanada MÁS' farthest store north is found at Enterprise Building in Makati CBD. We barely touch hands.
Empanada MÁSFortunately, C is much more motivated to go to Makati. And several days ago, he passed by Cash & Carry Supermarket to exchange our Php 500 worth of GCs with LOTS of empanadas.

He was there around brunch. The Empanada MÁS store must've just opened because the nice storekeeper Rofelia said C was her first customer. C then bought coffee as buena mano. He waited for a few minutes while Rofelia fried the empanadas, proof that the empanadas are cooked fresh at the outlet.

We ordered one dozen empanadas (Php 30/piece) and one dozen empanaditas (Php 40/six pieces) in assorted flavors.
Empanada MÁSI was quick to grab Classic Pork first and each of the other flavors next. I was too busy eating that I didn't even bother to take a picture of every empanada I stuffed in my mouth. So let me just tell you about my favorites.

On top of my list would be Ham & Cheese Jalapeño. I wouldn't mind if the whole dozen was made up of just that. Maybe I'm biased because I like ham and cheese sandwich too (with egg!) but adding jalapeño to the empanada filling was a good call. Besides, the combination of japaleño and cheese is another favorite of many. The japaleño flavor in this empanada is distinct in every bite, although you wouldn't really notice chewing it.

If I have to rank the other flavors, I would pick Classic Chicken first, then Classic Pork and Home-made Spanish Chorizo.
Empanada MÁSWe didn't order Spinach with Cream Cheese Dressing because, well, it's spinach. Please don't tell me to eat my vegetables. But our friend swears by it, saying the Enterprise Center branch runs out of this variant fast.

I should point out that I particularly like the bread. I like leaving the thick crust for last.

As far as empanaditas are concerned, there's no topping Nutella of course. We are big Nutella junkies. Who isn't? When C had his first bite of the Nutella empanadita, he almost punched me in the face.

Not really. But you get the picture.

Empanaditas are Empanada MÁS' ball-shaped smaller versions of empanadas. You can pop one in your mouth, although I prefer biting it in half. Just imagine a dough marble.

I gave several empanaditas to my father who liked them, too, although he confused Semisweet Chocolate with monggo, like that of a hopia. The texture and consistency might be the same, but I actually find the monggo filling sweeter than Empanada MÁS' Semisweet Chocolate. I eat a lot of chocolates, from the darkest to the sweetest, that I could barely taste the chocolate in this empanadita.
Empanada MÁSCheddar Cheese and Creamcheese & Chives empanaditas would be the most familiar flavors to a regular customer. Cheddar Cheese tastes like cheddar cheese and Creamcheese & Chives tastes like cream cheese and chives. The latter reminds me of Pan de Manila's Herbed Cream Cheese, which we love.

If I worked near an Empanada MÁS branch, I would definitely have some for breakfast or as a snack. I'm kind of curious about their coffee, too.

I should give a shout out to Tanya and Rofelia. Thank you Empanada MÁS for giving me the chance to experience your empanadas!

Empanada MÁS has branches at the Enterprise Center and Cash & Carry Supermarket in Makati City, Pergola Mall in Parañaque City and Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City.

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