UP ACLE 2012 Food blogging seminar

>> Sunday, January 22, 2012

UP ACLE 2012 Food blogging seminar
C and I were at UP Diliman's ACLE 2012 last Friday for my talk on food blogging. ACLE stands for Alternative Classroom Learning Experience, which takes place every semester in all UP campuses. Student organizations conduct seminars, workshops or film showings. This particular seminar, Food blogging: Let your tummy speak, was organized by the Philippine Association of Food Technologists - Alpha Chapter (PAFT-Alpha). Thanks for inviting Glutton on a Budget!

I had fun. The students were a great audience. I prepared a 10-point strategy on how to be a successful and happy food blogger. I hope they picked up a couple of things from my talk. I'll post the food blogging tips here next time so I can share them with you as well.

I was also glad to meet Jonel Uy of NomNom Club. He spoke after me and shared a lot of problogging and technical tips to the students. There was some kind of an open forum afterward, and I was happy to hear insightful questions about blogging and even SOPA/PIPA. That's right, students. Stay informed!

Some of the students were really interested in starting a food blog. None in the audience had one, but of course several have blogs, mostly on Tumblr, I believe. One of whom is Kimi, who blogs over at Cheshire Cat On The Loose. She posted about the seminar here. Again, thanks for the nice words and keep on blogging!
UP ACLE 2012 Food blogging seminar with Jonel Uy of NomNom Club, and Kimi Hernandez and Jared Uy of PAFT-AlphaHere's a photo of Jonel, Kimi and Jared Uy, who organized the food blogging seminar. The host didn't join us in the photo. Maybe she's a bit camera shy? Anyway, PAFT-Alpha gave Jonel and I certificates of appreciation and a bottle of basi each. Basi! It was as if these students know me too well hehe Basi is wine made from sugar cane. And look at the gorgeous packaging. When I first saw it, I though it was a candleholder. There was a spelling error in my name on the certificate, which I've experienced millions of times before. But it's the thought that counts, right?
Basi-Sugar-Cane-WineI gave away a voucher for a drink from Seattle's Best Coffee to the student who first guessed my student number correctly. I look forward to see my photo with him soon. Jonel also gave a gift certificate from Starbucks. This time to the student who asked him the first question. It was Kimi!
UP-Journalism-studentsAfter ACLE, I met up with two graduating journalism majors. I remember being a journalism major for a short time myself! They interviewed me for their thesis. I like their questions, which delved more into the methodology and ethics of food bloggers. I can't wait to see how their thesis turns out.

It always feels good to go back home, although I never really learned how not to go to UP. After all, I kind of grew up there and still have friends living in and around the campus. I still go to UP often to eat, hang out and attend some events because there's just no other place in the Philippines like it. It was just sad to see the UPIS' new site, the old Narra dormitory, being constructed 'coz that means the high school will be leaving the Katipunan campus soon. So many memories there. I should go visit again before it's gone forever.


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