Link Lickin' List: From an awesome restaurant in Japan to women bloggers on Internet mysoginy

>> Monday, November 07, 2011

- Listen up, fellow coffee lovers! Don't we just love to read about how coffee isn't so bad for our health? I'm taking that to a higher level. Read up on how coffee can save your life.

- You think coffee just won't cut it? Get your caffeine fix from these caffeinated baked goods. Not really my choice of poison, though.

- Now, laugh with me while you shake off those nerves. This collection of photos of bottled water ads with women struggling to drink water is HILARIOUS! I know, right? What's up with that!

- On a related giggle, here are women laughing alone with salad. Crazy.

- How about women eating great food? I want to eat at this restaurant in Japan, Galali. I LOVE Japanese food, and I'm just so jealous!

- Perhaps I can write my way to Galali? After all, that's what's bringing the bacon to my tummy. And, yes, I do agree that reading about advice on writing is ironic. It only takes time off from actual writing! But writers do love to write about writing. And a lot more people like reading about it. So, here are some successful writers giving writing advice.

- Once upon a time, there were only men writers. And now that the fight for gender equality has come both a long way and just two steps forward, we see millions of women taking their voice to blogs. But with them come millions of people taking gender discrimination to these same blogs. The Internet provides a veil that harbors some major hate speech. Here are a handful of women bloggers speaking up on sexist abuse they get online.

- Need some comfort now? Yeah, me too. And I know just what can make us feel better: chocolate. Watch this video on how to dip chocolate truffles with me.

- What about a pumpkin soup recipe? Pumpkin or squash soups are my favorite, but I don't know how to make them. Shame.

- Still pretty shaken up? Stop feeling terrible. We're strong and fearless, and we have a voice. We may have mood swings and a sweet tooth, but we do eat glass. Huh?? I guess, we do. It turns out, hard candy IS glass.

It's a crazy world we're living in, but a little bit of nice can go a long way.


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