BonChon Chicken, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

BonChon Chicken is its right name, and we should get it right because the chicken is done in no other way. My bad, I kept putting a space between "Bon" and "Chon". Now I know they're as married together as the sweetness and spiciness of its fried chicken wings.

I don't care how unhealthy it supposedly is, but I went crazy on the chicken skin! It was sweet, as if caramelized, spicy and totally, absolutely crispy.

According to BonChon Chicken's website, they fry the chicken twice, which takes the fat out and makes the skin very light and crispy. I say, it's genius! And sinful. Because as I was eating my first BonChon Chicken wing, I was already dreaming of chicken skin chips to snack on while watching TV!

It spiciness is the type that doesn't make you sweat. Like a raw chili pepper, it concentrates inside your mouth. BonChon Chicken's raciness, however, doesn't bleed to your fingers or lips. It's fantastic, because being outside on a Saturday afternoon, the last thing I want to do while enjoying my early dinner (or late late lunch) is sweat all over and be uncomfortable.

Beyond how good the chicken is, the staff is absolutely refreshing, definitely a breath of fresh air after running away from Wee Nam Kee next door. (See my post about how bad the service was on my first Wee Nam Kee visit. Nightmare!)

The sign on BonChon Chicken's door asks you to bear with them while they're on their soft opening, but it was truly soft. I didn't feel any inconvenience. The crew made it feel like home, as if I was just eating right in my backyard.

The people there were so warm, which was probably why they weren't freezing to death then. That afternoon, the air conditioning was so strong, I couldn't even stand in line! Hence we got a table outside, where I waited.

If you like fried chicken (who doesn't?) and if you like crispy chicken skin (again...), you shouldn't let BonChon Chicken pass. The box of six goes for only Php 185. They serve rice, too.

BonChon Chicken, originally from South Korea and has become so popular in the US, most especially in New York, is located in the Philippines along the restaurant strip of the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. It will open another branch soon at Greenbelt 1.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is behind the Makati Stock Exchange, and bounded by Ayala Avenue, Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. For those bringing private vehicles, there is a paid parking lot beside Ayala Triangle Gardens, accessible via Makati Avenue.


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Admin March 7, 2011 at 10:08 AM  

Chicken wings tasted ok but it was extraordinarily crispy. :) Liked Soy Garlic more than the spicy ones.

I took some pics:

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