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>> Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Total Fitness March 2013 Cover Marlon Stockinger
It's already April. Have you gotten a copy of Total Fitness March 2013 issue yet? If not, grab one after reading this post!

Why? Aside from Marlon Stöckinger being on the cover (which is probably the primary reason you'd buy this issue next to the content), I wrote two informative articles in this issue that I think you'd be interested in:

  • "5 Rules of Healthy Cooking" contains easy and practical tips
  • "Sins & Taxes" talks about the implications of the sin tax reform law on your wallet and the society in general

Perhaps you can make them your reasons #3 and #4 for grabbing a copy of Total Fitness March 2013.

Do you have your own suggestions? Share them with us and post through the comments!

Total Fitness March 2013 5 Rules of Healthy Cooking
Total Fitness March 2013 Sins & Taxes

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